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Technical Specifications
  GI - ME 1001 GI - ME 1000
Working Pressure 7.0 Kg /CM2 7.0 Kg /CM2
Steaming Capacity 100 Kgs/Hour 100 Kgs/Hour
Working Temperature 164.17o C 164.17o C
Volumetric Capacity 483 Lts 223 Lts
Steaming Raw Cashew Nuts /hr 1200 Kgs 600 Kgs
Fuel Consumption 75 Kgs/hour 45 Kgs/hour
Hydraulic test Pressure 14 KG /sq cm(100PSIG)  
Heating surface 5.63 sq. meters  
Design code IBR1950 & latest amendments IBR1950 & latest amendments
Evaporation capacity (at 100° C) 100 Kgs/HR  
Weight 1200 Kgs 750 Kgs
Width 1200mm 760mm
Height 2500mm 1500mm

As a specialized cashew steam cooker manufacturer and supplier in China, Jiadi also provides plate type UHT sterilizer, apple juice concentrate processing line, single-effect falling film evaporator, and vertical cooling milk storage tank, among others.

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