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The falling film vacuum evaporator is utilized for the concentration of beverages such as milk, soy milk, fruit juice, and coconut milk. It can operate in a low temperature vacuum for the concentration of heat sensitive substances. The low evaporation temperature in conjunction with a short material heating time helps maintain the flavor of fresh milk. Our contraption is capable of recovering organic solvents including alcohol. The concentration machine is widely utilizes in industries such as food, dairy, beverage, and, chemical.

For the process of liquid concentration our device adopts operation methods such as natural cycling external heating and negative pressure vacuum evaporating. A concentration ratio of 1.3 and instant evaporation allows liquid materials to be concentrated without foam in a completely sealed environment. Liquid medicine produced by the falling film vacuum evaporator contains no impurities and retains a strong and distinct flavor.

Upper and lower heater covers open easily for cleaning. The compact machine is user friendly and occupies very little space. Heater and evaporator units are both crafted from stainless steel and designed with a heat preservation structure. A stainless steel sheet is utilizes as a shell for preserving heat. The machine exterior may be mirror polished or treated for a matt finish.

All machine components that may come into direct contact with raw materials, secondary steam, or condensed water are made entirely of high-quality stainless steel, as per GMP standard requirements. The machine exterior is streamlined and professional. The heating chamber of the falling film evaporator adopts a descending structural design, allowing for easy installation, operation, and maintenance.

As a professional falling film vacuum evaporator manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer fresh tomato receiving tank/stainless steel elevator, vertical type pouch packing machine, water bathing sterilizer and cooler, outdoor milk storage tank, and much more.

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