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Commonly utilized on diary farms, the vertical cooling milk storage tank is an indispensable part of the mechanical milking system. Our equipment can also be installed at manual milking farms, milk collection centers, and milk production plants. It preserves the freshness of milk and other liquid products, preventing bacterial contamination.

The vertical cooling milk storage tank is crafted from either SUS 304 or SUS316L stainless steel. Included are a cleaning ball, CIP control, and an automatic blending system. Tank walls feature a honeycomb evaporator design, allowing for direct and effective heat exchange. The cooling compressor is imported from France and consists of a fully closed compressor with both an expanding valve and an electromagnetic valve. The system comes with a midpoint protection device to prevent compressor overload. Heat insulation is provided by Polyurethane.

Technical Specifications
Model Diameter (L) Rating power (kw) Refrigeration Capacity Dimensions (L×W×H)mm Net Weight ( kg )
BZLG-500 500 3.6 7380 1750×1150×1300 242
BZLG-1 1000 4.4 9280 1950×1350×1450 285
BZLG-2 2000 6.7 15820 3950×1550×1750 460
BZLG-3 3000 9 19534 3500×1650×1850 645
BZLG-5 5000 13.6 31640 4000×2050×2150 1150
BZLG-8 8000 13.6 47460 4700×2300×2400 1450

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