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The single-layer storage tank provides storage and mixing for beer, juice, dairy products, and more. It is commonly utilized by industries such as chemical and biological engineering. The equipment has a wall thickness of 3 to 4mm and is constructed from either SUS304-2B or SUS316L stainless steel. Our single-layer storage tank is cylindrical in shape and comes with triangular or cylindrical legs. The tank is available with agitators of the wing type, frame type, anchor type, or propeller type. It can also function without the aid of an agitator.

Standard Attachments
1. One air tight side manhole
2. Anti butterfly and dirt air vent
3. One PT100 thermometer, temperature indication range 0~100℃
4. CIP cleaning ball
5. Product inlet/outlet
6. Discharge valve
7. Adjustable legs
8. One sanitary sample valve

Jiadi is a professional single-layer storage tank (agitator available) manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including hot filling machine 3-in-1 unit, pre-heater, vertical type pouch packing machine, bottle reverse sterilizer, and much more.

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