We offer outstanding processing and packaging solutions for tomatoes, mangoes, apples, bananas and all of your other favorite foods.

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Main Machine
    1. Fruit Pre-Processing Machine
    2. Fruit Pre-Processing Machine The stainless steel elevator is utilized for the lifting of farm produce such as chili, apples, onions, carrots, tomatoes, and preserved vegetables, among other fruit and vegetables. Material conveying is both stable and reliable.
    1. Vacuum Evaporator
    2. Vacuum Evaporator The vacuum evaporator is designed for the production of fruit puree and fruit paste via forced circulation. The machine can process high viscosity heat-sensitive materials such as tomato paste. It is capable of maintaining low-temperature concentration ...
    1. Sterilizing Equipment
    2. Sterilizing Equipment The sterilizing machine utilizes a plate heating exchanger. Our BP and BR series exchangers provide clients with the best-in-class performance. The compact structure is designed with a large heat exchanging surface area for high efficiency.
    1. Autoclave
    2. Autoclave The energy efficient autoclave is utilized for the cooling and sterilization of cans, glass bottles, and PET bottles. Accelerated heating and even heat distribution enable effective and stable operations.
    1. Stainless Steel Storage Tank
    2. Stainless Steel Storage Tank The outdoor milk storage tank is commonly installed within large milk collection centers and dairy production plants. The equipment can also be utilized for the storage of liquid products in food or pharmaceutical industries.
    1. Filling Machine
    2. Filling Machine The aseptic filling machine injects liquid and semi-ropy concentrates into containers. Either one or two filling heads can be equipped, depending on processing volumes. The equipment set consists of the bag nozzle, filling head, control system ...
    1. Sachet Packing Machine
    2. Sachet Packing Machine Our fully automated packing machine facilitates functions such as printing, vacuuming, sealing, bag making, bag conveying, and measurement filling. A major upgrade from manual processing, the contraption reduces labor intensity while improving product quality.
    1. Spray Drying Machine
    2. Spray Drying Machine The spray dryer can be utilized with liquids that contain dissolved or semi-dissolved solids. Materials are heated rapidly and evaporated quickly. Temperature of the heat exchanger is kept low, minimizing impact on product attributes ...
    1. Fully Automatic CIP System
    2. Fully Automatic CIP System The fully automatic CIP system operates in a closed circuit repeating cycle. Effective cleaning and sanitizing can be achieved, completely bypassing the cumbersome task of machinery disassembly. Our system is capable of treating industrial equipment ...
    1. Laboratory Equipment
    2. Laboratory Equipment JIADI laboratory equipment provides small scale spray drying and is commonly utilized for the development of new products. Our lab spray dryer is designed for usage within hospitals, universities, research institutes, and development centers.
We are a trustworthy food processing line solutions provider

For more than 2 decades, Jiadi has been providing customers with food processing line solutions. We offer outstanding processing and packaging solutions for tomatoes, mangoes, apples, bananas and all of your other favorite foods.
Thanks to significant industry experience and advanced technology, we can deliver customized food processing lines to meet your various food production requirements.
Whether you are looking for a single machine or a complete food processing line, Jiadi is here to satisfy all of your requirements.

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