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The single-effect falling film evaporator facilitates material concentration during liquid milk production. The machine maintains the flavor of fresh milk by utilizing low evaporation temperatures for short material heating times. While our device can prepare starch sugar and western medicine, it is also effective for the recovery of organic solvents including alcohol. The evaporator is applicable in industries such as dairy, beverage, and chemical. It is ideal for the vacuum-concentration of heat-sensitive solutions within a low-temp controlled environment.

A large recovery capacity is associated with the vacuum concentration process of our single-effect falling film evaporator. We offer a 30% reduction in energy consumption and a production capacity that is 5 to 10 times that of analogous devices. The machine has a high recovery yield and is a sound investment.

External heating natural cycling mode and vacuum negative pressure evaporating mode are utilized for liquid concentrations. Instant evaporation produces a concentration ratio of 1.3. All liquid materials are processed without foam under a completely sealed environment. Liquid medicine yielded by the device has a strong flavor and zero impurities. Cleaning of the machine is as simple as opening the upper and lower covers of the heater. The heater and evaporator adopt a heat preservation structure that consists of stainless steel. The surface of the contraption can be streamlined with a mirror polish or matte treatment.

Structural Features
1. The single-effect falling film evaporator implements a stainless steel framework structure with a low integral height. It is an ideal addition to any liquid milk workshop.
2. The hot pressure pump is capable of drawing secondary steam to conserve energy.
3. The device is equipped with a cleaning spray head and a CIP internal system. It comes with a fully sealed balancing tank as well as acid and alkali tanks, reducing pollution while containing volatile substances.
4. The auto-control cabinet is labeled with an analogue diagram that clearly displays the technological flow and operation status of the device.

Jiadi is a specialized single-effect falling film evaporator manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including bottle inverting sterilizer, emulsification tank, cashew steam cooker, and saccharifying units, etc.

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