The semi-automatic split type CIP system is capable of intelligently pre-heating cleaning liquid. Actual cleaning temperatures can be finely calibrated through a controller. Opening frequency of the steam control valve regulates steam release to maintain optimal cleaning liquid temperatures. All liquid levels within tanks are clearly indicated and monitored with auto-alarm functions. Thick acid and alkali can be added manually to strengthen cleaning liquid concentration within the CIP system. Pipelines and valves can be reconfigured manually for the desired cleaning order. The tank should be replenished regularly with water.

Technical Specifications
Control PLC control Electrical control  
Temperature control and heating methods Dual heating control Dual heating control Manual control
Concentration Regulation and Thickening Method Control is automatically added Control is automatically added Manual control
Cleaning procedures Automatic control Manual control Manual control
Structure(M3) Split Split Siamese-style
Specifications 0.5to6,temperature,concentration Automatic high-precision control 0.5to6,temperature,concentration Automatic high-precision control Temperature of 0.5~2
Automatic control
Touch Screen cleaning time PLC control Cleaning time manual control Concentration, cleaning Time manual control

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