We offer outstanding processing and packaging solutions for tomatoes, mangoes, apples, bananas and all of your other favorite foods.

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Pouch Packaging Machines

Our rotary system pouch packaging machines are used for packaging different materials (liquids, small solids, solid particles and pastes) according to your complex packaging needs.

How do I choose the right packaging machines?
Determine what kind of bags you will be using for packaging. If you don’t have a suitable bag type, please contact us for packaging machine customization.

We offer different options with different functions according to your packaging needs.

Our packaging machines are as follows:
Users can choose pouch packaging machines with pre-made bags. The maximum bag size is 240 x 320mm, and the minimum bag size is 60 x 80mm. Users can choose pouch packaging equipment with a vacuum function, and most of our machines produce 2 pouches/production cycle, which significantly improves production efficiency.

Doypack (stand-up pouch)
Flat Pouch
Type Doypack Flat pouch Range of bag size (mm) Maximum packing speed (ppm) Number of pouch: 1 or 2 Vacuum packaging
JD-180/240 80*100-240*320 50-60 1 ×
JD-300D 90*110-150*260 80-100 2 ×
JDS-180/240 × 60*80-180*230 50-70 1 ×
JDS-180D/240D × 60*80-125*230 120-150 2 ×
JDG-180/240, Pre-made bag 80*110-240*320 50-70 1 ×
JDG-180D/240D, Pre-made bag 80*110-100*240 100-120 2 ×
JDZ-120/240 × 70*90-180*240 100-120 1
JDZ-180D/300D × 80*110-150*260 100-120 2
JDZ-180/240, Pre-made bag × 80*110-240*320 50-70 1
JDZ-180D/240D, Pre-made bag × 80*110-120*320 100-120 2

If you are not clear about your needs, please go ahead!

  • Pouch packaging machines with pre-made bags or bag making machines?
    Pouch packaging machines with pre-made bags are less expensive than bag making machines, but you should prepare bags in advance.
    If you choose bag making machines, you can buy films (food grade films such as PP, PET, PE, PA, AL and more) on your own and install them on the machine, and make bags using your own equipment.
    The former is low equipment cost with a high use cost and the latter is high equipment cost with low use cost. Users can choose either according to your investment costs and needs.
  • Doypack/Stand-up pouch or flat pouch?
    Our bag making machines produce two pouch types: a doypack/stand-up pouch, and a flat pouch.
    Doypack/stand-up pouches with a horizontal bracing structure feature the ability to stand when filled or empty with no support needed. These pouches are widely used for packaging juice, sports drinks, bottled drinking water, sucking jelly and condiments, as well as detergents, daily cosmetics and medical supplies.
    Flat pouches do not have the ability to stand on their own.
  • Is the vacuuming process important?
    Vacuum packaging machines keep air and oxygen out of packages, thus preventing food spoilage.
  • One pouch or two pouches?
    This is in regards to how many pouches a single machine produces in one production cycle. Our machines produce one or two pouches according to your needs, with the two pouch packaging machine twice the speed as the single pouch machine.
We are a trustworthy food processing line solutions provider

For more than 2 decades, Jiadi has been providing customers with food processing line solutions. We offer outstanding processing and packaging solutions for tomatoes, mangoes, apples, bananas and all of your other favorite foods.
Thanks to significant industry experience and advanced technology, we can deliver customized food processing lines to meet your various food production requirements.
Whether you are looking for a single machine or a complete food processing line, Jiadi is here to satisfy all of your requirements.

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