1. Tomato Paste Production Line
    2. Tomato Paste Production LineThe tomato paste production line is equipped with a multi-functional grinding machine. It is capable of producing pastes from raw materials such as chili, apple, onion, carrot, strawberry, and blackberry, among other fruits and vegetables. The grinding machine features a high efficiency concentration process that operates at low temperatures. The effective evaporation temperature is below 70°C. This process significantly reduces the time spent within the evaporation machine and allows for the better preservation of nutrients and color pigmentations. In comparison with analogous models found on foreign and domestic markets
    1. Tomato Paste Re-Packing Line
    2. Tomato Paste Re-Packing LineRaw materials for the tomato paste production line are typically contained within 220L drums and consist of tomato paste with a brix range that varies between 36 to 38%. The end product may have its brix adjusted according to client-side specifications and can fall between the ranges of 28 to 30% , 24 to 26%, 22 to 24%, 18 to 20%, or other lower brix values. The tomato paste production line is available with capacities of 1t/h, 2t/h, 3t/h, 4t/h, 5t/h, 6t/h, etc. Processed paste can be stored in cans, sachets, glass jars, or stand-up pouches
    1. <strong>Pasteurization Milk/Yoghurt Production Line</strong>
    2. Pasteurization Milk/Yoghurt Production LineJiadi Machinery assembles robust production lines for industries such as dairy, yoghurt, and milk processing. Our pasteurization milk/yoghurt production line includes the CIP System, tubular filter, rotary pump, storage tank, milk clarifier, cream separator, weighing vessel, milk receiving system, plate heat exchanger, high speed emulsification tank, UHT instant sterilization machine, plate UHT sterilization machine, and more. Our company offers onsite installation and quality inspection. Training programs are available for new operators
    1. <strong>Milk Powder Production Line</strong>
    2. Milk Powder Production LineJiadi Machinery offers the quintessential milk powder production line. Our company provides onsite installation and testing as well as quality inspection and training for new operators. The milk powder production line consists of components such as the CIP system, storage tank, milk clarifier, cream separator, weighing vessel, milk receiving system, plate heat exchanger, vacuum concentration equipment, and the spray and dry machine
    1. <strong>Beer Brewing Equipment for Beer Bar</strong>
    2. Beer Brewing Equipment for Beer BarJiadi Machinery offers the quintessential set of beer brewing equipment for beer bar. Complete sets are available for product series such as 50L, 100L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 800L, 1000L, and 2000L. Our equipment implements cutting-edge European design and technology. Advance French and German processing techniques yield nutritious and great tasting draught beers such as light beer and black beer. Draught beer production involves French or German yeast and high quality raw materials such as pure malts and hops. Our process endows the beer with rich nutrition, mellow taste, and a unique aroma. Always a consumer favorite