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The cassava starch de-sanding machine continuously separates solid or silt from suspended fluids. It is primarily utilized for the starch processing of potato, tapioca, and sweet potato. The machine body is crafted from stainless steel and the cone consists of wear-resistant engineering plastics. Our contraption achieves a silt-removal efficiency of 98% without the aid of movable components. For performance and accessibility, the machine is equipped with a large-volume silt-heaping chamber and a specially designed cleaning device. The application of mobile footing simplifies the installation process. The cassava starch de-sanding machine is commonly utilized in industries such as food, beverage, and chemical.

Jiadi is a China-based cassava starch de-sanding machine manufacturer and supplier. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including double-effect/ multi-effect falling film evaporator, cashew steam cooker, sorting machine, emulsification tank, and more.

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