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The saccharifying unit consists of the wort pump, sheet condenser, pipeline filter, wort aerating device, electric control cabinet, pipes/pipe fittings, malt grinder/screw conveyor, saccharifying tank/filter tank, boiling boiler/depositing tank, as well as the hot and cool water mixture bank. Available models include the 50L, 100L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 800L and 1000L. Customization can be arranged according to client side specifications.

The saccharifying unit meets all relevant wort production requirements for self-made beer bars. The unit facilitates functions such as boiling, saccharification, material feeding, wort filtration, and raw material grinding. It also provides settling and cooling for the final oxygenation process. All associated equipment is made from high quality stainless steel, which is in full compliance with both national and international food hygiene and safety standards.

The saccharifying unit can draw heating from either steam or electricity, based on client preferences. The frequency mixer of the saccharification filtration tank has a variable rotation speed ranging between 0 and 50r/min, meeting all relevant requirements. The unit is guided by automatic or semiautomatic control with an industrial computer control system. Self-circulation cleaning is achieved via the CIP cleaning tanker and hose connection. Quick assembly pipelines allow for convenient repair and maintenance during production. Our streamlined saccharifying unit is optimally designed for durability and performance.

As a professional saccharifying units manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer high speed mixing tank, vibration fluidized bed, orange juice concentrate processing line, jacket tank (dimple pad, coil jacket), and more.

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