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The automatic control system is powered by an industrial computer. The computer is equipped with PLC, control element, frequency converter, advanced configuration software, and pressure/temperature/liquid level sensors. Our beer fermentation control system is designed with core components from the computer control system. Our PLC and configuration software are especially tailored to accommodate requirements of the beer fermentation process. The system regulates the fermentation temperature. The liquid level and pressure feed-in/out pump facilitates data collection as well as automatic control and interlock. This performance control system is both simple and reliable. It is available in either full-automatic or semiautomatic service modes.

The automatic control system can conduct preliminary inspection while providing display and operation control for onboard fermentation and saccharification systems.
Delivery pump settings as well as the configurations for pressure, temperature, and liquid level are all in accordance with beer production requirements. Our advanced system comes with precise sensors and implements either a displayer or touch screen. Inspection and control elements are procured from trusted brands such as Omron. An optimized design allows for convenient maintenance and repairs.

As a professional automatic control system manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide normal pressure hot filling machine 3-in-1 unit, plate type heat exchanger, cashew kernel humidifier, cassava concentration machine, and more.

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