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The process water tank, wine pump, and cleaning system consists of tanks for hot water, soft water, and refrigerants. A movable pump truck and CIP cleaning tanker are also included. This setup can brew water while providing storage for refrigerant and hot water. Our material pump and CIP cleaning system can accommodate beer brewing specifications for 50L, 100L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 800L, and 1000L.

Process Water Tank Series
Our tanks are made for the containment of refrigerants, hot water, and soft water. These specialty tanks are designed for power systems that have been optimized for beer production. All equipment is crafted from premium stainless steel, in accordance with national and international standards for food hygiene and safety. Both the hot water and the cooling material tank come with a layer of insulation that is over 60mm thick, satisfying all relevant standards. Our system is powered by an industrial computer with advanced PLC control and comprehensive configuration software. This dependable system can provide either automatic or semiautomatic regulation of temperatures and liquid levels within tanks. The intake and output pipes are of the fixed connection variety; CIP cleaning can achieve self-circulation with a tanker and hose connection. These tanks have a streamlined exterior and are built for durability. The utilitarian design allows for easy maintenance and repairs.

Mobile pump
The mobile pump facilitates conveys materials between tanks. It is designed according to concepts of the fermentation tank, beer storage tank and, bright beer tank. The machine body consists of stainless steel. The onboard centrifugal sanitary pump meets all beer hygienic standards. The mobile pump selection allows for a capacity of 1 to 5t/h and a lift of 10 to 30m. Based on preferences, our control system can allow for either the automatic or manual operation of the mobile pump.

CIP cleaning tank
The CIP cleaning tank can be connected to each individual tank for the formation of a self-circulating chain. The CIP unit consists of a single sanitary pump and 2 acid/alkaline tanks, all of which are crafted from premium stainless steel in adherence to the beer hygienic standard. The mobile pump selection allows for a capacity of 3 to 10t/h and a lift of 20 to 50m. Our control system allows for either manual or automatic control of the cleaning pump, and can be configured according to client preferences.

As a China-based process water tank, wine pump and cleaning system manufacturer, Jiadi offers a broad range of products that includes cassava starch de-sanding machine, spray drying machine, bottle inverting sterilizer, and more.

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