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The outdoor milk storage tank is commonly installed within large milk collection centers and dairy production plants. The equipment can also be utilized for the storage of liquid products in food or pharmaceutical industries. The tank includes an agitator, thermometer, level indicator, cleaning system, as well as sight and monitoring peripherals.

Our outdoor milk storage tank is crafted from quality SUS304-2B or SUS316L stainless steel. The equipment is well insulated with a cooling jacket of 1.5mm, an outer shell of 2mm, and an inner shell that ranges between 3 to 4mm. The honeycomb cooling jacket is present at both the base and wall. Polyurethane is utilized for heat insulation.

Technical Specifications
Model Diameter(L) External
Heat insulation layer
Diameter of inlet/outlet Motor power
Side agitator speed
BYC G-15 15000 2200 6500 100 Ø51 4 960rpm
BYC G-20 20000 2380 7150 100 Ø51 4 960rpm
BYC G-30 30000 2700 7850 100 Ø51 5.5 960rpm
BYC G-50 50000 3200 9200 100 Ø51 5.5 960rpm
BYC G-60 60000 3400 9800 100 Ø51 5.5 960rpm
BYC G-100 100000 3620 12990 100 Ø51 5.5×2 960rpm
BYC G-120 1200000 3700 14200 100 Ø51 5.5×2 960rpm

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