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The emulsification tank is typically used by food, dairy, beverage, and chemical industries to contain liquid-liquid or liquid-solid substances prior to procedures such as mixing, milling, equalizing, dispersing, dissolving, suspending, and emulsifying. This type of high-shear equipment can contain substances such as dye, paint, pigment, emulsion reagent, and farm chemical.

With the introduction of advanced foreign technology, Jiadi Machinery has implemented a unique agitation structure for the emulsification tank. Our device includes a rotor and stator. During operation, materials are fed by the emulsifying head into the stator from the center of the rotor at high speeds. All materials are instantly sheared and crushed through the gear clearance between the rotor and stator. This process fully integrates functions such as mixing, dissolution, emulsification, and homogenization. The user friendly emulsification tank is available with a single layer or double layer structure. The double layer variant comes with a jacket tank and heat preservation capabilities.

Technical Specifications
Model Diameter (L) External diameter (mm) Height (mm) Motor Power (kw) Motor Speed (r/min)
RHTY-600 600 800 2140 7.5 2900/1450
RHTY-1000 1000 1050 2380 11 2900/1450
RHTY-1500 1500 1180 2450 15 2900/1450
RHTY-2000 2000 1340 2760 18.5 2900/1450
RHTY-3000 3000 1540 2870 22 2900/1450

As a China-based emulsification tank manufacturer and supplier, our company also offers spray dryer, monoblock can filling and sealing machine, water bathing sterilizer and cooler, pulping machine, and more.

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