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Jiadi Machinery offers the BN series milk weighing tank equipment set. This series features a streamlined exterior and utilitarian structural design, enabling convenient cleaning and maintenance. In order to prevent impurities from mixing with fresh milk, our tanks are equipped with movable filters. The milk weighing tank is commonly used in conjunction with the milk receiving tank, creating the foundation for an efficient and responsive milk processing system.

Technical Specifications
Capacity (L) Length (A) Width (B) Height (C)
350 1500 650 630
600 1600 800 730
1000 2000 950 780
1500 2000 950 1050

As a China-based milk weighing tank manufacturer and supplier, Jiadi offers a broad range of products, including vacuum mixing system, coil type ultra-temperature flash sterilizer, washing machine, aseptic filling machine, and much more.

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