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The aseptic filling machine injects liquid and semi-ropy concentrates into containers. Either one or two filling heads can be equipped, depending on processing volumes. The equipment set consists of the bag nozzle, filling head, control system, lifting platform, inspection window, fixed pincers, as well as pincers for the opening and closing of lids. Automatic PLC control and a responsive touch screen allows parameter configuration. Bag filling volume can be controlled precisely with the flow meter or electric weighing sensor, both of which are imported components and completely optional.

Technical Specifications
Model Capacity (kg/h) Filling Heads Electricity Consumption (kw) Steam Consumption Compressed Air Consumption (kg/h) Dimensions
JD-WJGZ-1 1000 1 1.5 100 kg /h 0.3 1600×1200×2800
JD-WJGZ-2 2000 1600×1200×2800
JD-WJGZ-3 3000 1600×1200×2800
JD-WJGZ-6 6000 2 7.5 200 kg /h 0.6 2800×1800×2800
JD-WJGZ-8 8000 2800×1800×2800
JD-WJGZ-10 10000 4200×1800×2800
JD-WJGZ-12 12000 4200×1800×2800

Connection with the sterilizer can be established. The aseptic filling machine automatically seals the lid when the predetermined setting volume has been reached. The filling chamber maintains a temperature of 95℃ to create an ideal aseptic environment for the filling process. The steam-spraying method is utilized for the sterilization of caps, bag openings, and filling cavities.

The filling head has a label-printing machine and an automated weighing system with electronic sensors. We offer an automated control program that can be independently linked to the CIP installation. This program comes with self-rectification and can be utilized for the safe regulation of sterilizing temperatures. Additional control is available for the automated cleaning and sterilization of the filling head and its affiliated pipes.

As a professional aseptic filling machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide automatic straight line paste filling machine, coil type ultra-temperature flash sterilizer, vacuum mixing system, falling film vacuum evaporator, and more.

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