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The semi-automatic split type CIP system automatically heats up cleaning liquids. The cleaning temperature is calibrated via the designated controller. Opening frequency of the steam control-valve can be adjusted in order to maintain desired temperatures. Tank liquid levels within the CIP system are coupled with automatic alarms and indicators. When the cleaning liquid concentration becomes too diluted, thick acid and alkali reagents can be added manually. The transition between cleaning cycles is achieved via the manual rearrangement of relevant pipelines and valves. In order for the semi-automatic split type CIP system to run smoothly, operators are required to replenish the tanks with water on a regular basis.

Technical Specifications
Tank Specification 1000L -1000L
CIP Tank Type Alkali tank, acid tank, hot water tank, purified water tank, water recycle tank
Cleaning Circuit Single circuit, double circuits, triple circuits, quadruple circuits
Heating Method Tank interior coil pipe heating, exterior plate heating, exterior tubular heating
Automatic Arrangement and Features Fully Automatic 1. Flow rate auto control
2. Temperature auto control
3. CIP liquid level auto compensation
4. Liquid concentrate auto compensation
5. Cleaning liquids auto transfer
6. Auto alarm
Semi-automatic control 1. Temperature auto control
2. Electrical control with manual operation for other procedures
Manual control Manually operated cleaning process

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