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The fully automatic CIP system operates in a closed circuit repeating cycle. Effective cleaning and sanitizing can be achieved, completely bypassing the cumbersome task of machinery disassembly. Our system is capable of treating industrial equipment such as valves, pumps, tanks, pipelines, and even entire production lines. Onboard PLC control is coupled with a color touch screen that clearly displays each stage of the production cycle and their associated control parameters. Available cleaning configurations include the order, duration, reflux Ph, and fluid temperature. Available heating methods include the plate type, tubular type, and coil tube type. Acid and alkaline concentration levels within the tank may be calibrated. The system is equipped with an alarm for preemptive prevention of unforeseen malfunctions. Automatic control is provided for the cleaning liquid flow and temperature. Automatic compensation is available for the inner tank liquid level as well as concentration of acid and alkali. Additionally, automatic phase-change control can quickly switch between acid, alkali, and hot water.

System Components
1. CIP cleaning liquid storage tanks including the acid tank, alkali tank, hot water tank, and purified water tank
2. Two single-layer storage tanks for high concentration acid and alkali solutions
3. CIP forward and return pumps
4. Two diaphragm pumps for high concentration acid and alkali solutions
5. Heat exchanger (plate or tubular type)
6. One electric control cabinet
7. One group of valve and control pipe components
8. One set of electric appliance materials and auto-performance components
9. CIP cleaning liquid storage tank with a capacity ranging between 1000L and 10000L

The fully automatic CIP system is available with configurations such as double-circuit, triple-circuit, and quadruple-circuit. Simultaneous multi-circuit operation can be enabled. Jiadi Machinery will assemble the system in accordance with client preferences.

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