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The vibration fluidized bed provides functions such as secondary drying, particle re-agglomeration, and secondary powder removal. The device can also be utilized for lecithin spraying and material cooling, effectively regulating the packing temperature of milk powder, soybean powder, and other powdered substances. Our contraption yields even material particles that contain a negligible amount of micro-powder. An ambient temperature less than or equal to 35℃ allows the product to be immediately packaged. The device is highly flexible and often utilized in industries such as dairy, medicine, and chemical.

Features and Applications
All machine components that may come into direct contact with raw materials have been crafted with high quality SUS304-2B stainless steel. The fluidized bed incorporates a three-stage structure. The third stage includes dehumidification and air-cooling functions. Materials are cooled to the desired temperature, which is less than or equal to 35℃. The main body of the vibration fluidized bed consists of the upper, middle, and lower sections. The machine can easily be disassembled and reassembled. Our ripple branchial aperture plates features high strength, maximum rigidity, and minimal powder residue. The plates can be conveniently replaced and cleaned. The fluidization of materials within the bed is excellent. Vibrating intensity and frequency of the motor can be adjusted as required. Our equipment has built in safeguards to prevent powder accumulation and has self-cleaning functions.

The fixed fluidized bed within the tower includes functions such as secondary drying and secondary agglomeration. It can also reduce the taper section height to accommodate decreases in the powder outlet angle. Upper air-intake and exhaust capabilities effectively stabilize the negative pressure within the tower while reducing the duration of the drying period.

Technical Specifications
Parameter Model PLCLH3-400 PLCLH3-500 PLCLH3-700 PLCLH3-900 PLCLH3-1250 PLCLH3-2500 PLCLH3-3000
Staying period
150~250 300~450 500~800 520~1200 1500~2000 2000~2500 2800~3200
Nominal vibration time
2~3 3~5
Maximum vibration force
980 980 (induction)
Vacuum degree inside the bed
500*2 10000*2
Steam consumption
Cooling water consumption (2inlet8℃ Outlet)
150 200 310 500 900 1250 1550
700 800 1000 1400 3200 4500 5000
Powder disposal quantity
7.6 7.6 10.7 18.4 22 32 38
Permissible temperature range at first phase second phase and third phase First phase: Room temperature to 100℃
Second phase: Room temperature to 80℃
Third phase: 15℃ to 60℃
(m)Space 8*5*3.5 9*5.5*3.5 9.6*5.5*3.5 9.6*6*3.5 16*10*10 18*10*10 20*12*12

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