Tube in Tube Sterilizer

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The tube in tube sterilizer can be utilized for the heating and sterilization of finished products. This device implements a 4-layer cannula pipe heat exchanger and heats raw materials from the inside out. The pressure release valve and temperature control meter are imported from Japan while the steam adjusted valve and stainless steel electric control ark are imported from Korea. Heating temperatures can be finely calibrated. The tube in tube sterilizer utilizes a reflux system to handle lower temperatures.

Technical Specifications
Model Capacity kg/h Sterilizing temperature Power consumption kw Steam Consumption kg/h Water consumption kg/h Dimension
JD-SJ-1 1000 90-95℃ 14.1 150 5000 7000x800x1000
­JD-SJ-2 2000 90-95℃ 19.2 300 10000 7000x1000x1000
JD-SJ-3 3000 90-95℃ 33 450 15000 7000x1200x1200
JD-SJ-6 6000 90-95℃ 64.5 900 42000 7000x1200x1800

As a China-based tube in tube sterilizer manufacturer and supplier, Jiadi provides a broad range of products, including emulsification tank, coil type ultra-temperature flash sterilizer, sorting machine, small scale integration CIP system, and more.

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