Tunnel Sterilizer and Cooler

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After the filling process has been fully completed, the tunnel sterilizer and cooler can be utilized to sterilize the cans, glass bottles, and PET bottles. These containers are conveyed into the machine for processing. Water is used as the preferred heat exchange medium. For sterilization purposes, we pass the water through a tube type heater and then spray it evenly across bottle surfaces to increase temperature. After sterilization, products are moved to the designated cooling area where cold water is dispensed to bring temperatures back down to room level. The tunnel sterilizer and cooler allows used water to pool naturally at the bottom of the collection tank.

Technical Specifications
Capacity 100-400cans/min
Sterilizing temp. 90-95℃
Working zone Pre-heating zone, sterilizing zone, pre-cooling zone, cooling zone.
Steam pressure 0.4Mpa
Dimension Depending on the required capacity

As an experienced tunnel sterilizer and cooler manufacturer and supplier in China, Jiadi offers a comprehensive range of products, including dual-layer storage tank series (vertical, side or no agitator), monoblock filling and sealing machine, pre-heater, and more.

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