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The belt extractor is ideal for the juicing of pulped farm produce such as apple, pear, chili, onion, carrot, tomato, strawberry, and blackberry. The machine utilizes a food-grade nylon mesh with excellent juicing capabilities. The self-rectifying mesh is blue in color and retains anti-abrasion properties. The bearing adopts an import structure for anti-corrosion. An automatic contraction system regulates pressure and clearly displays all relevant parameters. Additionally, the belt extractor is equipped with an automatic convergence system.

1. The efficiency of a single machine is maximized at 70 to 75%. The combined output of two linked machines can exceed 95%.
2. Each machine is equipped with automatic high-pressure cleaning equipment.
3. Our device does not hang during operation. Raw materials are not damaged during processing.

Jiadi is a professional belt extractor manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to fruit pre-processing machine, we also offer spray drying machine, vacuum evaporator, stainless steel storage tank, sterilizing equipment, and much more.

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