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The continuous water soaking sterilizer is designed with advanced German technology. The device is specially engineered for second round sterilization of jelly, dairy, and beverage products. All machine parts are crafted from SUS304 stainless steel, including the chain wheel and oversized chain board. The industrial grade steel has excellent anti acid, alkali, and corrosion properties. The water tank is steam heated. A solenoid valve automatically regulates steam volume. The optimized design of the continuous water soaking sterilizer offers stable performance with quality yields.

Technical Specifications
Production capacity 1-5T/H
Sterilizing temperature < 98℃ It can be subject to order
Sterilizing time 10-35 minute stepless speed adjustment
Cooling temperature 20℃
Cooling time 10-25 minute stepless speed adjustment
Steam pressure 0.4Mpa
Link belt time 0.17-10m/min stepless speed adjustment
Centrifuge blower fan 3kw
Compete weight Approximately 6000kg
Outline size 16000×2600×2000mm

As a specialized continuous water soaking sterilizer manufacturer and supplier in China, Jiadi also provides orange juice concentrate processing line, jacket tank (dimple pad, coil jacket), saccharifying units, and semi-automatic split type CIP system, among others.

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