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The high speed mixing tank concocts additives including salt, sugar, starch, dissolve maltose, and other auxiliary materials. The vertical tank is structured with a 3 layer design. Constructed from AISI304 steel, the body of the contraption consists of a 3mm inner shell, 1.5mm jacket, and a 1.5mm cladding. All surfaces are treated with polish to prevent cleaning blind spots. Capable of CIP mixing and cleaning, the high speed mixing tank comes with a manhole and an inlet/outlet diameter of DN50. Interior and exterior surfaces are crafted from highly polished #250 steel.

Model Volume L Dimension mm Power kw
JDGH-300 300 Ф850x2000 4
JDGH-500 500 Ф950x1800 7.5
JDGH-1000 1000 Ф1300x1930 11

Jiadi is an experienced high speed mixing tank manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to fruit juice/tea drink production line, we also offer milk powder production line, cassava processing equipment, canned cucumber processing line, and more.

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