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The mixing tank can store and mix various types of solutions such as beer, juice, chemicals, and dairy products. The single-layer tank is cylindrical in shape and stands on either triangular or cylindrical leg supports. The contraption can be augmented with wing, anchor, frame, or propeller type agitators; the presence of an agitator is not necessary for proper functioning. The mixing tank consists of either SUS304-2B or SUS316L stainless steel and has a wall thickness of 3 to 4 mm.

Standard Attachments
1. An air tight manhole provides accessibility from the side.
2. PT100 thermometer accurately indicates temperatures within the range of 0 to 100℃.
3. CIP cleaning ball provides easy maintenance.
4. Product inlet and outlet are available.
5. Included are a discharge valve and one sanitary sample valve.
6. Adjustable legs provide customizable positioning.

Technical Specifications
Model Diameter (L) External diameter(mm) height(mm) Plate thickness(mm) Diameter of inlet/outlet
BYDG-500 500 800 2140 ð3 Ø38/Ø51
BYDG-1 1000 1050 2380
BYDG-1.5 1500 1180 2550
BYDG-2 2000 1340 2760
BYDG-2.5 2500 1420 2940
BYDG-3 3000 1540 3050
BYDG-4 4000 1650 3200
BYDG-5 5000 1780 3250
BYDG-6 6000 1900 3350
BYDG-8 8000 2060 3800 Ø65/Ø51
BYDG-10 10000 2300 4050 ð4
BYDG-12 12000 2520 4450
BYDG-15 15000 2540 4700

We are a specialized mixing tank manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide dual-layer storage tank, cassava concentration machine, multiple-nozzle vertical pressure spray drying tower, and cashew dryer, among others.

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Liquid Mixing Device | Beverage Tank Mixer with CIP System | Fruit Storage and Mixing Container

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