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The deaerator can process fruit juice, dairy products, and other various substances. It is essentially a vacuum degassing unit with the addition of a regular pump and discharge pump. This type of equipment is indispensable in dairy and fruit juice production lines. The device is specifically designed for the removal of air pockets within liquids via vacuum suction.

The fully automatic deaerator is the latest in our line of international degassing products. The machine is applicable to any water system and can remove up to 99.9% of all dissolved air or free roaming air micro-bubbles. Levels of dissolved oxygen are reduced with decreases in temperature and pressure. For instance, after juice is fed into the degasser, it is forcibly transformed into thin film via high-speed centrifugal rotation. Under normal pressure settings, the machine can then fully precipitating the air from these juices, which may exhibit high viscosity and low flow rates. This process inhibits the oxidation of vitamin nutrients and prevents browning. It is also an effective way of reducing bubbles during procedures such as filling and heat sterilization. The method is valued prevents sterilization impact and preserves juice quality, an advantage that other degassing units cannot match.

Technical Specifications
Specification Production capacity(l/h) Vacuum(Mpa) Power(kw) Dimensions(mm)
Ø400×2000 600-1000 ≥-0.08 2.2 800×600×2000
Ø500×2000 1200-1500 2.4 900×700×2100
Ø600×2000 2000-2200 4.15 1000×800×2300
Ø700×2000 2500-3000 4.15 1100×900×2500
Ø800×2000 4000-5000 6.75 1200×1000×2800

Our company is an experienced deaerator manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a vast array of products, including autoclave, wine pump and cleaning system, cashew kernel humidifier, double-effect/ multi-effect falling film evaporator, and much more.

Related Names
Device for Fruit Juice Oxygen Removal | Juice Deaerating Plant | Fruit Juice Degassing Machine

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