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The water bathing sterilizer and cooler utilizes imported caterpillar tracks that consist of webbed industrial plastic. These tracks are resilient to high temperatures and does not damage packaged materials. Temperature regulation is achieved via an automatic control system. Cooling and sterilization procedures are designed to preserve natural product flavors. All bearings have been treated for anti-corrosion properties, extending the service life of the water bathing sterilizer and cooler.

Technical Specifications
Sterilizing temperature: between the range of 80 and 100℃;
Sterilizing duration: 6 to 40 minutes
Cooling duration: 6 to 45 minutes
Performance: The sterilizing effect is in compliance with domestic food safety standards. Both cooling and sterilizing procedures can be sustained continuously. Processed products retain their natural flavoring.

We are a specialized water bathing sterilizer and cooler manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as aseptic filler, spray dryer, dual-layer storage tank, and semi-automatic split type CIP system.

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