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The tunnel spray sterilizer and cooler is ideal for the sterilization of filled containers including tinplate cans, glass bottles, and PET bottles. Sealed cans or bottles are conveyed into the cooling sterilizer. Water is utilized as the preferred medium of heat exchange; it is first heated and then sprayed evenly across the surfaces of sealed containers, raising the temperature of actual products to sterilizing standards. Processed bottles are left in the cooling zone where they are then brought back down to room temperature with water spray. All sources of water flow to the bottom of the sink and can be reused by the tunnel spray sterilizer and cooler.

Technical Specifications
Output 100-400 can/min
Sterilizing Temp. 90~95℃
Operational Stages Pre-heating zone, sterilizing zone, pre-cooling zone, cooling zone
Steam Pressure 0.4MPA
Dimensions Dependant on production capacity

Jiadi is an experienced tunnel spray sterilizer and cooler manufacturer and supplier in China. We also offer fully automatic CIP system, jacket tank (dimple pad, coil jacket), vacuum mixing system, lab spray dryer, and more.

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