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The fresh milk and yogurt two-purpose sterilizing equipment is utilized for the pasteurization of fresh milk and yogurt. Onboard pipes and plates are crafted from SUS304 stainless steel. The material inlet temperature is kept at 5℃ while the material outlet temperature is kept between the range of 5℃ and 45℃. Our sterilization technology maintains fresh milk at 120℃/15S and yogurt at 95℃/300S.

All key components are procured from well known name brands. For instance, the steam system regulation valve and pressure relief valve are both provided by SPIRAX SARCO. The TEMPRESS temperature sensor is imported from Denmark. The control cabinet temperature controller is provided by FUJI Japan. Onboard electrical elements are from SCHNEIDER.

The fresh milk and yogurt two-purpose sterilizing equipment includes system functions such as high temperature alarm and low temperature return flow. These functions guaranty the conformity of discharged materials.

Technical Specifications
Model and specification Capacity (t/h) Steam
Cooling water flow rate9(t/h) lce water flow rate(t/h) Power
Pipe diameter
material steam medium
BR16-PUT-SN-1T 1 40/76 4.0 20,000.00 3 3.0 1.6×1.4×1.8 730 32 DN25 32
BR26-PUT-SN-2T 2 80/152 4.0 40,000.00 6 4 1.6×1.4×1.8 910 32 DN25 32
BR26-PUT-SN-3T 3 120/228 4.0 60,000.00 9 4 1.8×1.6×2.0 940 38 DN25 38
BR26-PUT-SN-4T 4 160/304 4.0 80,000.00 12 6 2.0×1.6×2.0 970 38 DN25 51
BR26-PUT-SN-5T 5 200/380 4.0 100,000.00 15 6 2.2×1.6×2.0 1030 51 DN25 51

4℃→65~70℃ homogenization →120℃/15S→ 4℃
(spare) ice water 3:1(≤2℃)
cooling water 3:1(30℃)

Component Composition
1. Plate type heat exchanger
2. Material balancing tank
3. Hot water balancing tank
4. Hot water pump of inlet
5. Material conveying pump
6. Hot water generator
7. Distribution cabinet
8. Valves, stainless steel pipe, temperature holding tank, etc.

Our company is a China-based fresh milk and yogurt two-purpose sterilizing equipment manufacturer. We also provide plate type UHT sterilizer, horizontal type pouch packing machine, vacuum evaporator, lab spray dryer, and much more.

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