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The tube-in-tube sterilizer is designed for the processing of fruit paste and concentrated fruit juice. The device comes with either a four-layer sleeving pipe or multi-pipe. Also included are high quality components such as the frame, holder, controller, heat exchanger, closed water barrel, superheating water generator, stepless speed change conveying pump, and the acid and caustic soda feeding tank.

The contraption has automatic pneumatic control and can be categorized into the heating section, sterilizing section, and the cooling section. The heating section is designed with an optimized structure to ensure stability and security. The tube system has a simple structural design and features minimal resistance. The tube-in-tube sterilizer utilizes a flange for air protection. Output and reflux functions are regulated by valves via thermal resistance and PLC. Both the lift and the capacity of our cleaning pump is superior to that of similar products on the market. A divergence device assists in the heat transfer process and prevents scalding from occurring within the tube. Proper channeling of cooling water and superheating water during the cleaning phase also prevents scalding. Both the CIP and superheating water device are included.

Technical Specifications
Model Capacity (kg/h) Sterilizing temp.℃ Cooling
(℃ )
Consumption (kw)
Consumption (kg/h)
Consumption 20℃ kg/h
Compressed air consumption (kg/h) Dimensions
JD-SJ-1 1000 110 32-45 14.1 150 5000 0.1 8000×800×1000
JD-SJ-2 2000 110 32-45 19.2 300 10000 0.1 8000×1000×1000
JD-SJ-3 3000 110 32-45 33 450 15000 0.3 8000×1200×1200
JD-SJ-6 6000 110 32-45 64.5 900 42000 0.3 8000×1200×1800
JD-SJ-8 8000 110 32-45 80.5 1200 56000 0.4 8000×1200×1800
JD-SJ-10 10000 110 32-45 110 1500 70000 0.5 8000×1400×2000
JD-SJ-12 12000

132 1800 84000 0.5 8000×1400×2000

The tube-in-tube sterilizer utilizes a multi-stage recorder and automatic temperature control system to help keep track of important temperature values. Frequency conversion regulates the material cooling temperature. The circulation of hot water and cleaning liquid is enabled via a centrifugal pump. Key mechanical parts are provided by trusted brands. For instance, the steam valve is acquired from SPRIAX SCARCO while electrical components are provided by OMRON and SIEMENS. The onboard PLC monitor clearly indicates all relevant parameters, guarantying performance stability.

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