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The bottle reverse sterilizer cleans inside the bottle mouth and cap interiors of PET bottles after they have been filled with juice and tea beverage. The device implements both the conveying chain system and bottle reversing chain system. A bottle support reversing guide rod is included. The machine sterilizes and resets automatically. During sterilization, the bottle mouth and cap interior are processed at high temperatures without additional power sources, reducing energy consumption. The bottle reverse sterilizer has a streamlined exterior and is crafted entirely from SUS304 stainless steel.

Technical Specifications
Bottle size: Max φ76mm
Bottle height: Max 250mm
Processing Capacity: 5000-36000 BPH
Sterilizing time: 30~45 s
Power supply: AC-3-380V/50Hz

As a China-based bottle reverse sterilizer manufacturer and supplier, Jiadi offers a broad range of products, including tunnel sterilizer and cooler, fresh tomato receiving tank/stainless steel elevator, single-layer storage tank (agitator available), and more.

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